Metal Detecting Shovel Hooks -Steve Padley

Steve Padley is the inventor of the metal detecting shovel hook and the metal detector support clip.

Steve is a keen metal detector user and he recently found some Roman coins and a brooch.

He noticed that whenever he saw people metal detecting they would have a small shovel in one hand. He realized that there would, therefore, be a niche market for a special-purpose hook.

The universal shovel hook can carry either a T.BAR or D-SHAPE handle shovel.

It enables you to carry your shovel hands free and reduces the chances of picking up false signals.

It is easy to fit - just slide onto your finds belt or any other belt.

When not digging, just hang your shovel onto your shovel hook, freeing up your arm, and reducing arm ache!

Size 120mm x 85mm.
Colour: Camouflage & Black
Size belt clip to fit. 38mm. - 50mm MAX.
Type canvas/metal Hook.

Available to purchase from ebay:


Shovel hook camouflage


shovel hook black

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